Opposition to Critical Race Theory being taught builds

PJMediaWhen asked about trends participants have observed in their local K-12 classrooms over the last two years, a majority said that instruction was more focused on race, gender, and activism. A similar segment said that education had become more political; a plurality said this included a liberal bias. In reality, this has been going on for some time in many areas of the country. The realization among parents and members of the community is likely due to pandemic distance learning and news coverage.

The questions then reviewed concepts that are fundamental to critical theories, and respondents thoroughly reject them, with many indicating feeling strongly that they should not be taught. The percentages noted are for those with strong feelings rejecting the idea and those who somewhat object, combined

This is one area where the left had a major miscalculation. It would be great if they could teach all their classes remotely, and not have to put up with essentially babysitting all the screaming kids in their classes -- pushing that burden back on their parents -- while still getting paid as if they were doing their jobs. Or so they thought. But they made a mistake. They let parents see what their children were being taught. And that may change the game in education permanently. We're still seeing only the early repercussions of this.

And things like this won't help at all either.

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