Certificate As To Parties, Rulings, And Related Cases

I probably should have posted this first, but I confess to skipping right over it.  This is the  very first section of the Parker brief, laying out who is involved in the case, what previous rulings have been issued, and any related cases.  It's basically a crib sheet for the judges so they know who is involved in the case and whether there are any other relevant cases they need to be aware of.  It's straightforward with no surprises.
Certificate As To Parties, Rulings, And Related Cases

A. Parties and Amici

The parties in the District Court below were plaintiffs Shelly Parker, Dick Heller, Tom G. Palmer, Tracey Ambeau, Gillian St. Lawrence, and George Lyon; and defendants District of Columbia and Anthony Williams. All parties below are parties before this Court in this appeal.

Amici below for the appellants were the Heartland Institute and the American Civil Rights Union. Amici below for the appellees were the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Amici on appeal for the appellants are the Heartland Institute, the American Civil Rights Union, the Second Amendment Foundation, the Citizens? Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the Madison Society, Keep and Bear Arms Corp., the Congress of Racial Equality, the State of Texas, and the National Rifle Association Civil Rights Defense Fund.

Amici on appeal for the appellees are the Violence Policy Center, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and Ernest McGill.
If you're wondering about Earnest, I think he's the individual behind the "Powtowmack Institute" that had some difficulties with the rules for corporate representation before the court.  Specifically, the rules say corporations must be represented by counsel, and Earnest chose to file as an individual amici rather than appear through counsel in his corporate identity.
B. Rulings Under Review

The rulings under review are contained within the District Court?s Memorandum Opinion and Order issued March 31, 2004, per the Hon. Emmet G. Sullivan, granting defendants? Motion to Dismiss, denying as moot plaintiffs? Motion for Summary Judgment, and directing that judgment be entered for defendants. The District Court?s opinion is published at Parker v. District of Columbia, 311 F. Supp. 2d 103 (D.D.C. 2004). The rulings under review, and judgment being appealed, are set forth in the Joint Appendix at pp. 46-62.

C. Related Cases

The case on review has not previously been before this or any other court apart from the original proceeding in the United States District Court. Counsel is not aware of any related cases now pending before this or any other court.
Of course, Seegars would have been listed here if it was still pending.  Since the Supreme Court has denied cert to that case, though, it's dead.

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