BATFE raids KT Ordnance!

According to FreedomSight the BATFE has raided KT Ordnance, makers of "80% complete" unfinished receivers used by those who want to manufacture their own firearms.  As far as the BATFE is concerned this is a problem because it is a way to anonymously manufacture a firearm while remaining within the law (so long as the firearm is never transferred to anyone, as I understand it).  And of course as far as everyone else is concerned, this is something that is perfectly legal and should be just fine to do.

KT Ordnance was relying on an official interpertation of the law that says, basically, it's legal to manufacture your own firearms.  Since the receiver is only partially completed, it's not considered a firearm, and there's still quite a bit of work to be done before it can be used as a firearm part.  This is one of those areas of the law that is defined more than case law and precedent than legislation.  Normally, once established, those are fairly reliable, but throw in an agency that's been feeling the heat a lot lately and they may decide to reinterpert things in order to get a big prosecution.

The original reports came in from  There's more information available at the home gunsmithing forums, and an official alert from the JPFO.  There are some disturbing rumors that the BATFE was exceptionally curious about certain names in the liberty community:
It seems as though the meeting with his local sheriff was a ruse to get Richard out of his establishment so the JBThugs could go in and steal his guns, his computers, & ALL OF HIS FILES. The machine tools are still possibly going to get stolen as well in the future.

It does seem that the trigger for this raid, is that the previous sheriff had been protecting him up until yesterday. That sheriff lost the election (probably thru voter fraud), and the new sheriff had a BATFag and an FBI agent at the sheriffs? office waiting for Richard to hand him a warrant to steal his stuff at his KT Ordnance store. By the time Richard got back to his store, the Fed Thugs were there in the process of stealing all of his merchandise, all of his livelihood.

The FedThugs were also more then curious about a few known names with in the freedom/truth community. The 2 that Richard mentioned were Devvy Kidd from WE THE PEOPLE and Aaron Zelman from JPFO. They also wanted to know if Richard was in contact with any Militias and if he had sold any guns to them. (It?s none of their DAM business)
Yep, there's the militia scare word again.

What concerns me most about this is the big picture.  Bush may have been the better of two evils on the gun rights front but he was not what I would describe as a friend of gun owners; merely someone who knows he needs to do just enough to win our support to get elected.  It's his agency that's run amok here and he's shown no signs of being willing to rein it in.  I can easily believe that Bush would even support the BATFE on a case like this; his authoritarian brand of government doesn't have much room for "untamed" supporters of liberty. 

Combine that with Bloomberg's anti-gun "sting" operations and I'm afraid the Republican party may be forgetting who put them in power.

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