I can't say I'm a fan of drug use...

... but the current attitude towards prohibition in the United States is doing more harm than good.  This article, describing the results in Zurich of legalizing heroin use, suggests that other policies may be more effective. 

It is useful to reiterate here that all governments depend on voluntary compliance for the vast majority of our laws.  We pay our taxes and our traffic tickets without a quibble (mostly).  We send the police after murderers, rapists, thieves and muggers.  For the stuff in between, there simply aren't enough enforcement resources to have a prayer of enforcing the law by actual force; it all depends on the people complying voluntarily because they don't want to take the risk of being in the small percentage of violators who are actually caught.  For the victimless crimes of prohibition, with no one to report the crime and no body to find, it's even harder. 

We need to find a better solution to the real problems of drug abuse.  The current law is actually creating more problems than it solves.

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