It's an election year...

... and the push is back.  Representative Moran has introduced a bill that would ban the manufacture or sale of .50 caliber rifles, and require that existing examples be registered under the NFA rules.  And here I was thinking that the Democrats had figured out that gun control was a losing issue; not that I ever thought they weren't lying through their teeth about "supporting" the 2nd Amendment, I'm just surprised that they are willing to go back to their same old tricks openly.  Speaking of old tricks, he's also trying to resurrect the so-called Assault Weapons Ban.

Well, perhaps it's not quite so backwards as all that; apparantly the only organization willing to share the press release upon which this story was obviously based was the "Virginians Against Handgun Violence".  Notably absent are the Violence Policy Center, the Million-Mom-March-United-With-Somebody, and the Brady Bunch. 

I'm not too concerned about either bill with the current makeup of Congress.  The House is probably secure enough even if the Senate would be a close vote on the Assault Weapons Ban.  I'm a bit more concerned about what happens after the November elections.  If the Democrats take back some ground with anti-gun rhetoric, and both sides feel like that is the new winning formula, we could see Republicans caving to cowardice and some losses.

Time to start saving up for that Barret .50, just in case.

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