Briefing schedule issued for Parker...

PACER has this to say:
CLERK'S ORDER filed [962744] establishing the initial briefing schedule [962744-1]:
Appellant's brief due on 6/1/06 ;
Appellant's appendix due on 6/1/06 ;
Amicus Curiae's brief due on 6/16/06 ;
Appellee's brief due on 7/17/06 ;
Amicus Curiae's brief due on 8/1/06 ;
Appellant's reply brief due on 8/15/06.
[Entry Date: 4/14/06] (cwc)
Nothing really exciting, just dates and times.  Considering that I am writing this on the 30th of April, it shows both that I have been substantially behind the times for a while, and that we have only about a month until stuff finally starts to happen in this case. 

For those curious about the ordering, here's how I think it translates: Our side (Parker) files, followed by any friend-of-the-court briefs; DC then briefs, followed by their amici; and we reply to the DC brief.  We will have the first and last word, to the extent that such things matter. 

The actual order is here.

For anyone who is still reading, I'd like to add my heartfelt thanks for your patience and understanding with my schedule and lack of activity for the past few months.  Hopefully, the load will be lighter for a while and I can devote more time to hobbies like this one.  I've already got a fair number of things queued up to post, just as soon as I can find the time to write about them.

UPDATE: Of course, the day after I post this, I work 12 hours straight.  I am my own worst enemy.

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