V for Vendetta

So I went to see V for Vendetta a while ago.  It was interesting and worthwhile.  Those of you who have seen the previews can understand that the movie is fairly edgy.  For those who didn't, the "hero" is a morally-ambiguous freedom fighter / terrorist who fights a government more than a little reminiscent of the Bush Administration in the Left's continuing national nightmare. 

If you watch the movie closely, the protagonist almost never goes after innocent people, only government enforcers engaged extracurricular brutality or the officials who ordered or personally committed atrocities.  Although it saves him from truly deserving the terrorist label, there is nonetheless a distinct note of antiheroism that suggests neither side has clean hands.

Aside from the politics, the movie is very well put together.  Some reviewers have compared the combat sequences to those in The Matrix; I wasn't that impressed, although they were definitely well done and had a similar feel.  It is not, however, an action movie.  Perhaps the best comparison is to The Count of Monte Cristo; it is a revenge movie that happens to have political overtones.

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