Machete registration

I've often mocked our elder cousin-over-the-sea, the UK, for its silly weapons laws.  Not only do they ban handguns from civilian possession, up to and including their Olympic shooting teams (who must practice in Europe), they also ban rifles (single-shot, bolt action, and semiauto make no difference), and the requirements to own a hunting shotgun pretty much require you to be a member of the nobility -- and even that won't last long, since the government is eagerly seeking to ban hunting, and once hunting is gone there will no longer be an acceptable excuse to own a firearm of any kind.   Bans on BB and pellet guns are in the works.  If you are ever attacked, you can call the police, and rest assured that within an hour someone without a gun will stop by to photograph your corpse and open an investigation.

But I digress.  The UK has limits on the purchase and possession of knives.  No one is allowed to carry a knife in public, unless the knife is securely wrapped.  No one under... I think it is 18 years of age is allowed to purchase a knife.  I figured that in the US we would never stoop so low.  We're proud citizens who vigorously defend our rights, right?

I was wrong.  Massachussetts, bastion of liberal democracy, has a bill in the works that would implement machete registration, and several towns have banned machetes entirely.

Hat tip to Of Arms And The Law for the second story.

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