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I've got only a little breathing space from non-blogging pressures, but I've been trying to follow the Angel Shamaya situation.  For those who don't already know what's going on, Angel Shamaya is the founder of, one of the most prominent pro-gun websites.  He was arrested recently, in Michigan, on charges of possessing unregistered firearms and one additional, more troubling, charge -- malicious use of a communication device.  The police say the last charge is related to making threats against his (presumably ex) girlfriend.

Details are thin.  Very thin.  Especially on that last, and most worrisome, charge.  My gut feeling is that there's probably a miscommunication or simple vindictiveness involved, since anyone involved in the life of a politically-aware gun owner knows that the easiest way to put some hurt on such a person is to file some sort of domestic-violence-related charges, since such charges will result in the confiscation of the individual's firearms and a permanent ban on further possession if convicted. 

But that's just a gut feeling.  I don't know what happened, and neither do most people.  We have to make decisions based on what we do know, and on what we hear from people we trust.  So while I can't personally vouch for Angel, I trust the people who have. 

The best place to watch for updates is Gary Marbut's page on the situation.  There is a legal defense fund available.

Regardless of the outcome, I suspect we'll be hearing about this the next time we're tempted to celebrate an anti-gun activist who runs afoul of the law.  There are real people involved, and it won't always be the other side on the receiving end.  In fact, it's already started, with The Gun Guy engaging in vile mockery (Nicki and David have responses).

There's a court date on March 14th, apparantly.  We may know more then.

There are threads on The High Road and Free Republic.

Some character references:

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