Light posting alert...

Work is getting busy again, and a change in my internet connectivity (basically, I traded much improved reliably for significantly greater latency) has slowed down the blogging activity.  I should be back to regular posting in a week or three, after work settles dow and I get a chance to finish some software changes to reduce the latency problem.

UPDATE: There is a law of software development: it takes longer and costs more.  Relative to what?  To anything.  When one is a contractor, anything that takes longer automatically costs more.  When one is a manager, anything that doesn't match up with a fixed schedule is a failure.  The result: projects meet their schedule by the programmers working longer hours within the fixed dates they have been given, and giving up any pretence towards having a life outside of the code in their head.   That's been me lately. 

I have some interesting stuff to talk about sitting in my inbox, and I promise to get to it soon.  For right now I am just trying to clear up the easy stuff that doesn't require me to think.  Thinking would hurt.

UPDATE: Delivery, I hope.  Unless things blow up I should be able to catch up a bit.

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