Parker v DC: A minor event...

In my last update, I mentioned that the Potowmack Institute was behaving oddly. First, they wanted to participate in the case as an amicus curiae separately from the other parties, presumably because those other parties (ie, the rest of the gun control advocates) didn't want to waste time on absurd legal theories whatever the Powtowmack Institute wanted to talk about.  The court responded by demanding that the Institute either hire proper legal counsel according to the rules of the court, or explain why it should get special treatment.   The Institute has now responded, sort of, by asking to convert from a corporate party (required to appear by way of legal counsel) to an individual party.  I don't know much more than that since Pacer doesn't have the document itself.  But here's the deal:
MOTION filed (5 copies) by Amicus Curiae for Appellee Potowmack Insti Inc (certificate of mail service dated 1/30/06 ) to convert from corporate to individual [946482-1] (lej)
This can probably be safely interperted as meaning that the Potowmack Institute can't afford to hire a DC lawyer to participate in the case, or at least doesn't want to spend the money that way.  Lawyers are expensive.  Odds are good that they have access to at least some legal talent, or they wouldn't be bothering with this process, but that doesn't mean their lawyers are admitted to the DC circuit, and internal talent is a lot cheaper than a hired gun.  Filing as an individual, while still having legal minds preparing the filings, might do a good job of getting the most legal bang for the least legal buck.

Of course, between this and the apparant difficulty in getting along with their supposed allies, they aren't making the best impression on the court.

I propose a toast: "To the confusion of our enemies!"

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