Think the police will protect you?

I hope this collection of quotes from a recent article will encourage you to protect yourself, instead:
Statistics compiled by San Francisco police for the committee show that in 74 of the 94 homicides recorded through Monday afternoon in 2005, no arrest has been made and the cases remain open and under investigation.  Part of the explanation, police said, for the low rate of arrests and prosecutions is the reluctance of witnesses to provide testimony given their exposure to retribution.About 20 percent of the 94 homicides recorded through Monday afternoon for 2005 took place at public housing properties. That last number prompted supervisors to ask why a program begun last year that tasks 16 officers with patrolling four housing developments in the southeast part of the city hasn't been expanded to other locations. Mirkarimi said he wants to see a regular flow of reliable statistics on how San Francisco's Police Department is performing. Suggesting police officials are reluctant to submit to closer oversight, he characterized getting good information out of the department as a "cat-and-mouse game."
Sure sounds safe over there in San Francisco, where they recently voted to ban handguns.

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