Ah, shucks.

I've been nominated in the Gunnies for Best Legal Coverage.

I have to say that it's an honor just to be nominated; I'm just doing the best I can as a layman in my spare time with a bone to pick and a niche to fill.  There are much better gun lawyer blogs out there by now, and one other layman with more cojones than I've got.  I won't ask you to vote for me when there are far better candidates, but I do appreciate it.

Congratulations to everyone else who got nominated, in this category and the others.  It's hard, often thankless work to keep setting the story straight on guns.

In other self-congratulatory news, according to The Truth Laid Bear's Ecosystem, I am in the top 1500 blogs.  (#1274, to be precise).  I remember when I was way down in the 3000s.  Am I getting better or are the top blogs getting worse?  I just report the news... all the news that's fit to rant about, anyway.

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