Konie v LA: Playing for time...

There has been some minor activity in the Konie v LA case; that's the one wherein Patricia Konie, little old lady, is suing numerous jackbooted thugs for breaking down her door, harming her person, and violating her civil rights by confiscating her firearm

It's just the preliminaries.  On 12/16/05, the summons was served upon the State of Louisiana, through its representative Kathleen Blanco, through her representative Terri Ricks.  This is basically notifying the recipient that there is a lawsuit pending, and it demands a response within 20 days or a default judgement will be entered against the defendent.  This didn't get entered into the docket until 1/9, so it's clear there's a substantial delay operating.

The defendents (Louisiana and California) missed the deadline to respond.  It was not until January 11th, 2006 that they finally filed their response, which itself was a motion for extension of time to plead, requesting an extension of 20 days to respond.  The only interesting point to note is that the response, filed on behalf of both the LA and California, claims that their police departments were erroneously sued as separate entities.  It's one of those legal details that I can't nitpick much about for lack of expert knowledge.  I don't expect it to become a serious issue in the case, in any event, though (if the states are correct) it may reflect a bit poorly on Konie's advocate.  We'll see. 

Aside from the fact that the response was filed 6 days after the deadline, there's no reason to refuse it, and in fact the court granted the motion within two days, which makes the new deadline the 23rd of January, 2006.

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