It is somewhat disturbing...

... that the modern Democratic party is sufficiently insane to be on the edge of violence concerning President Bush, yet continue to perceive no understanding of the dangers posed by an intrusive government determined to track its citizens. 
Councilor Rob Consalvo wants to put a tracking device into newly manufactured guns and have legal gun owners retrofit their firearms so owners and police can locate and retrieve stolen guns the same way police use a computer chip to locate stolen cars.
Let's hope Smith and Wesson learned from their mistake in signing the Clinton deal.

Bear in mind, too, that we already know how Maryland treats gun owners.  During the DC sniper incident, the police chief decided it would be worthwhile to investigate all "registered" Maryland gun owners who had purchased a .223 semiautomatic rifle, including "requesting" that their firearms be turned over to the police for "testing".

I do not want to live in a nation where individuals and their possessions are tracked by the everpresent State.

Hat tip to Ravenwood for this story.

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