CIA operative funded Obama, Clinton before being caught trying to corrupt Trump

Just The NewsJust the News reported last month that as he worked as a bundler raising millions for Barack Obama's 2012 campaign, Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and Donald Trump's inaugural committee, Zuberi had been working as an asset for U.S. intelligence on counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations across the globe dating to the early 2000s. His intelligence community relationship first came to light when a secret CIPA filing was mentioned in an unsealed court filing in his criminal case. The Wall Street Journal recently confirmed Just the News' reporting.

But Zuberi's world came crashing down when prosecutors began investigating whether his money to the Trump inauguration came from foreign sources. In the end, it did not. But prosecutors found other crimes involving illegal foreign and straw donations, tax violations and a foreign lobbying infraction. Zuberi agreed to plead guilty late last year and then he was sentenced in February to 12 years in prison, one of the harshest sentences ever for campaign and lobbying offenses. The unexpected sentence prompted him to appeal, and hire Eatinger to take lead.

The specter of a major political donor — now convicted of a federal felony — secretly working for the CIA seems ripped from a Hollywood script. The fact that the CIA's former top spy lawyer joined his legal team only added to the movie-like storyline.

But the IG complaints raise more serious issues, including the possibility that American political figures, U.S. citizens and a news organization may have been used wittingly or unwittingly for espionage operations.

Anyone still under the delusion that the CIA stays out of domestic politics just got disabused.

It's important too to take note of the sequence of events.

He fundraised for Obama: nothing happened to him.
He fundraised for Clinton: nothing happened to him.
He fundraised for Trump: suddenly he's facing criminal charges.

Wouldn't it be remarkably convenient to have a corruption scandal involving Trump from the earliest possible moment after they realized Trump won? ie, Trump's inauguration? The investigation would make a great excuse for surveillance on anyone this guy managed to talk to and involve in his schemes, wouldn't it? And then he could conveniently roll over on higher ups and get off with a wrist-slap and a federal witness protection program.

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