Urge Congress not to renew the Patriot Act

The Gun Owners of America are urging you to contact Congress regarding the Patriot Act renewal legislation.  Here's why:
Capitol Hill sources have told GOA there is a provision in this bill (Section 215) which would allow the FBI to get a secret court order to seize ANY business records it believes would be relevant to an anti-terrorism investigation... without having to make the case that the gun records they're confiscating have any connection to a suspected terrorist.
Section 215 is the same provision that allows for seizure of library records (what you're reading about) and similar privacy threats.  While passing the Patriot Act in the wake of 9-11 could possibly be excused as an emergency situation, it has now been over 4 years since that event.  How many terrorists -- real terrorists, not prostitutes or drug users -- have been captured and convicted because of evidence obtained through section 215?

The answer seems clear: not enough to justify abrogating our Constitutional rights.

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