Minor paperwork in Parker v DC

It looks like we may not see the kind of lengthy and detailed briefing from the amicus curae in Parker v DC that we saw in Seegars.
It appearing that this case presents potential problems of duplicative briefing, it is ORDERED, on the court's own motion, that amici curiae show cause, within 30 days of the date of this order, why they should not be limited to one joint brief, not to
exceed 7,000 words, on the side of the party they support. See D.C. Cir. Rules 29(d), 32(a)(4).

The amici may suggest an alternative briefing format to reduce the number of pages submitted to the court. In so doing, amici should keep in mind that the court looks with extreme disfavor on repetitious submissions and will, where appropriate, require a joint brief of aligned entities with total words not to exceed the standard allotment for a single brief. The amici are directed to provide detailed justifications for any request to file separate briefs or to exceed in the aggregate the standard word allotment. Requests to exceed the standard word allotment must specify the word allotment necessary for each issue.
This is not a final decision, the various parties intending to file amicus briefs are being asked to limit both the length of their argument and to combine their responses.  That should make the arguments more managable; remember that Seegars saw multiple filings exceeding 50 pages from people not even parties to the case. 

While it's somewhat disappointing -- I like reading legal briefs on this issue, and there will be less red meat for me to report on -- it's should help distill the arguments into their shortest and clearest form.  And that should help the case move more quickly.

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