Cornell, Rutgers implement mandatory COVID vaccination policies

Gateway PunditCornell University is now mandating Covid-19 vaccines for staff and students returning to Ithaca, Geneva and Tech campuses for the Fall semester.

This is a dangerous trend and more universities will follow suit.

Last week Rutgers University in New Jersey mandated Covid-19 vaccines for students and staffers and other colleges are expected to jump on the train.

Universities and similar institutions providing close-quarters living space do have an interest in ensuring the health of their student bodies through vaccinations, which they can make mandatory for attendance or employment should they so choose. However, the COVID vaccines are substantially different than the much safer vaccines against the many more dangerous diseases we suffered from in the past. Further, the intent by those in power is clearly to make use of the COVID vaccination as a tool of social control rather than as an individual choice. The danger is that a wide array of nominally private social institutions will take up the call to require COVID vaccinations for everything. And that slides rapidly into totalitarianism. Indeed, if you judge by the masking campaigns and lockdowns, we are already there.

We should reject demands for vaccination against a relatively low-risk disease because liberty must not become conditional on vaccination status.

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