Time to appoint a Constitutionalist...

... or at least, so says the Gun Owners of America.  The concern they have is that Alberto Gonzales is still on the President's short list -- and he's not acceptable.  Why not? Well, for one thing, he thinks the Assault Weapons Ban was Constitutional -- and in fact supported it.

We need to contact the President with the names that we support.  Here's GOA's short list, and it looks remarkably like mine (but is not identical -- mine is shorter):
  1. Janice Rogers Brown: the individual right to keep and bear arms is a "right expressly guaranteed by the Bill of Rights."
  2. Samuel Alito: Argued that Congress cannot regulate the private possession of machine guns.
  3. Edith Jones: "unalienable rights were given by God to all our fellow citizens."
  4. Alex Kozinski: "All too many of the other great tragedies of history... were perpetrated by armed troops against unarmed populations."
  5. Sam Cummings: US v Emerson.

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