Sign of the Times...

Today's headline from The (Anti-)Gun Guy:
Activists convinced Paramount Pictures to take down posters of rapper 50 Cent's new movie that showed the rapper holding a gun.  They claimed it glorified gun violence (especially since the posters were displayed very near a day school), and so Paramount decided to pull the posters from many locations.  But while it's great that Paramount realized their message was   wrong, it's not really the pictures of the guns that we're after.
Y'know, it's almost sad.  They're reduced to crowing about the fact that they managed to convince one of their Hollywood allies to stop advertising guns.  They can't convince anyone else and they are having a hard time convincing themselves, apparantly, at least when there's money involved.

It's interesting for another reason as well. 

Yes, in this internal email to supporters, they are calling for guns to be removed from the home.  All homes.  They don't quite come out and say they want to ban them... but they definitely want them "removed".  Somehow.  By moral 'suasion or theft or police action, I suppose, so long as they are gone.

And let's not forget the other angle... The left, supposed champions of the First Amendment, mounting a pressure campaign against one of their own allies for exercising their right of free speech.

Don't they realize we're watching them melt down in slow motion... with popcorn?

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