Bush signs the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

SaysUncle reports that the President signed the bill (via the NRA).  I'll keep my eyes peeled for updates to the cases that would be affected by this. 

He also asks "What next?"  Good question.  In the past I've argued that repealing the Hughes Amendment would be a good step forward.  I'm going to back off of that a little -- I think it might make a better test case for our shiny new Justice and his friends, depending on who the second one turns out to be.  Sporting purposes test is a good target, but mostly symbolic.   

I figure national concealed carry is the next legislative target.  To short-circuit federalism concerns, treat it just like a driver's license -- if you can carry in your home state you can carry anywhere, with criminal penalties for police harassment.  Hell, piggyback it on the state-issued IDs -- amend the RealID act to add a "carry endorsement" to the standard.  Lemonade from lemons...

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