Biden releasing illegal aliens into the United States with official IDs

Gateway PunditThe Biden team is reportedly granting thousands of illegal border crossers one-year renewable permits to stay in the United States to apply for asylum, a process that can take multiple years.

According to a new CIS (Center For Immigration Studies) report, aliens will be allowed to receive Social Security cards, paving the way for potential government taxpayer benefits and jobs.

Immigration expert Todd Bensman revealed in a new report that an estimated 34,000 recent border-crossing aliens have already been distributed all around the continental United States.

Bensman stated that if the migrant qualifies to stay, and most do under Biden’s rules, they are tested for COVID and then given documents to stay. Afterward, they are guided to a privately run bus service that disseminates them across America.

Note that Biden is doing this without any legal authority to do so. No law changes, probably didn't even follow the Administrative Procedures Act (which already cost him a loss in a Texas lawsuit), just executive decrees.

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