Have gun, can't travel...

A while back I reported on an interesting case: David Bach, an experienced military officer and alleged "badass", was suing New York to obtain a concealed-carry permit valid in that state.  Bach lives in Virginia, but regularly travels to visit family in New York, and would like to be able to protect himself on those journeys by carrying his personal firearm.  New York, of course, would rather he did not. 

Although Bach lost his case, there's a law review article out suggesting that he should have won.  It should come as no surprise that I agree.  He should have won.  Even leaving aside the combination of the 2nd + 14th amendments that should protect the right to bear arms universally, if a marriage license in Virginia is valid in New York under the Privileges and Immunities and full-faith-and-credit clause, so should a concealed-carry license be.

It's an interesting exploration of a little-visited section of the Constitution, and worth the read if you're interested in that sort of thing.

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