The stupidity, it burns

PJMediaTake Nathan Larson, who is running for congress in Virginia as an independent. Larson supports pedophilia, incest, white supremacy and marital rape. I am not kidding. So naturally you ask: How on earth did this felonious loon get in the race? Well, remember when Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was so desperate to get votes for Hillary Clinton he approved a law allowing felons to vote and run for office? That paved the way for this shmoe, who would have otherwise been barred because he'd done time for threatening to kill the president (W. or Obama, he wasn't picky). So basically, Democrat corruption not only failed to get its candidate to the finish line, but also put this raving clown at the starting gate. Which would be a pretty funny piece of farce if it weren't for the whole, you know, satanic evil of it all.

See that part in bold?

He didn't "approve a law".

He issued 156,221 (and counting) individual pardons to individual felons. He tried to do it en masse, but the courts said he had to do it one by one, so he did it one by one by one hundred fifty five thousand two hundred twenty one.

Whatever the other sins of the Virginia legislature, they aren't responsible for this one.

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