FBI agent negligently and drunkenly shoots an innocent bystander

Business InsiderAn FBI agent accidentally shot a man Saturday night while dancing and doing a backflip in a Denver nightclub, police said. The agent then appears to accidentally pull the trigger as he picks the weapon off the floor, which reportedly shot a man in the leg.

When ordinary people carry, they learn that they have to give up things like drinking (at least in public to the point of inebriation), dancing like a fool, and doing backflips. They do this not necessarily because the law says so, but because they are responsible people and want to avoid any possibility of an accident like the one described in the quote above.

This FBI agent should be charged and convicted of whatever local law covers negligent harm to an innocent third party, along with firearm discharge in city limits, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, and so on.

He was actually charged with assault, which sounds like several steps down from negligent attempted homicide. He might be charged with alcohol related offenses later. The FBI is exercising their right to remain silent.

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