Scarce Post Warning

My life continues to generate stress and upheaval.  While this blog isn't about my life, sometimes life interferes with blogging.  Please be patient.  If this site should disappear suddenly, don't panic; the gun blogger who shall no longer be named disappeared for similar reasons.  I'll make my way back towards regular posting as time and energy permit.

UPDATE: Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, folks.  I'm turning this entry back into a normal one.  I think I'm past the hump, and things should be OK from here out, but I'm not absolutely certain.  It's good to be back.  If you want to know what was up, email me; I won't post anything more about it publically.

This entry was published Fri Oct 28 18:28:41 CDT 2005 by TriggerFinger and last updated 2005-10-28 18:28:41.0. [Tweet]

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