Democrats want to break the filibuster for gun control

Free BeaconDemocrats are using the mass shooting in Colorado on Monday to renew their push to eliminate the filibuster and pass new gun control legislation.

Prominent Democrats said the Senate must eliminate the filibuster in order to push through new gun control laws in response to the killings. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), Rep. Jason Crow (Colo.), Rep. David Cicilline (R.I.), Pennsylvania lieutenant governor candidate John Fetterman, and Pennsylvania Senate candidate Malcolm Kenyatta all called for the filibuster to end in the wake of Monday's attack.

It's amazing how conveniently these attacks arrive just when the Democrats are ready to push gun control legislation. (Gun registration, among others). And yes, the FBI knew of this attacker before his attack; whether they were just negligent or actively incited him to attack is not yet clear.

The filibuster has been the only thing stopping gun control legislation in the Senate since 1994 or so (the last black rifle ban).

And Biden just named Senator Manchin's wife to a prominent post in his administration, seeking to secure his loyalty, likely for the filibuster vote. Manchin has been one of the few Democrats who opposed breaking the filibuster. Likely his opposition has now ended.

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