FBI Agent rode with terrorists in Texas Draw Mohammed attack

AmmolandFew know the details of how one prepared gunfighter police officer faced two Islamic riflemen armed with semi-automatic rifles, handguns, plenty of ammunition, soft body armor, and the element of surprise. He fought them at close range and prevailed.
Gregory Stevens was that officer. For his own safety and security, and, possibly, to shield the FBI from exposure, the details of the attack and his defensive actions were hidden for more than a year.

Many of the details have been revealed, Officer Stevens explained the events of that day in a video presentation which has been viewed by less than a thousand people on Youtube. It deserves a much wider audience. The video is an hour and eight minutes long.

Read the whole thing.

The testimony is explosive.

The biggest revelation: an FBI agent was riding in the same vehicle as the attackers and giving them advice. When the vehicle was stopped by local police at gunpoint, he had to flee the vehicle while screaming that he was FBI. And this got covered up until now.

Bill Quick adds some information, and wonders if he will be targeted for posting it.

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