Google's plan for thought control

The FederalistIf you think I’m just paranoid, consider a leaked video from Google that basically confirms our worst fears.

The proposal is for a system that would track users’ behavior, not for the purpose of helping them pursue their own preferences, but for the purpose of altering their behavior to meet some larger social goal. They can do it because, “When we use contemporary technology, a trail of information is created in the form of data. When analyzed, it describes our actions, decisions, preferences, movement, and relationships.” The term Google uses for this record is a “ledger,” which the video describes as a “codified version of who we are.”

I think most of us are aware by now that this is what Google wants and what it makes its money from, by using our information to sell us things. But what if it wants to do something more with that data? That’s what the video confirms. The term it uses for a ledger that serves your own interests is “user-centered design.” But that’s so old-fashioned and reactionary. “User-centered design principles have dominated the world of computing for many decades, but what if we looked at things a little differently? What if the ledger could be given a volition or purpose rather than simply acting as a historical reference?”

Yeah, giving Google’s computer network a volition and purpose of it own, what could go wrong?

Never mind a volition of its own, what if a leftist nanny state decides to use it to impose their version of utopia on everyone? This is not new, except in the technological sense. Even early in the Obama administration people like Cass Sunstein were talking about "nudging" people to do what they thought was right by setting default policies in one direction or another.

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