NRA Secret Agent uncovers enemy documents

The NRA has uncovered a talking points memo instructing anti-gun types how to talk to the media in case they are interviewed during the UN conference on small arms.  No real surprises, but a lot of amusement value -- particularly the fact that the document mentions as the very first tip when talking to journalists: Tell the truth. 

You might even think that there's a problem with honesty among anti-gun types.  Nah, couldn't be.

The general theme is that governments are supposedly responsible for the safety of their own citizens.  Of course, that's blatantly false; even in the US, a Supreme Court decision recently held that the police cannot be held responsible for their failure to enforce a legally-issued restraining order, never mind protecting citizens from random muggers or carjackings.

And let's not forget that even police states which deny the right to self-defense, such as Britain, are unable to keep their citizens safe.  In such states, it is illegal to defend yourself, and the police will not protect you and cannot be held responsible for failing to do so.

There's a lot of bullshit about "the misery caused by guns".  Hell, there's a lot of bullshit in general.  Take this gem, from a question-answer section: "If States aren't implementing the Programme of Action properly, why would they implement an Arms Trade Treaty?" "An Arms Trade Treaty would be legally binding and therefore they would be compelled to do so."  Who the hell is going to compel the government of a nation-state to implement a treaty it does not wish to implement?  And, too, I question how that compulsion could be either morally justified or practically enforced... without firearms violence.

There's too much in here to even bother fisking.  Read it yourself.  I may return to the issue with a point-for-point rebuttal.

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