This explains a lot..

I was wondering why it was taking so long for the Deep State and media to turn off the COVID panic after Biden got inaugurated. What I wasn't taking into account was that they had bought a lot of vaccine stocks and needed to get people injected with those before they can really stop the panic. They've already adjusted the panic dial downwards (by changing the testing to reduce false positive rates) but it takes time to be noticeable, and they are using that time to inject their experimental "vaccine" into as many people as possible before the panic stops.

I do wonder about that vaccine. It's not necessary for COVID, a fake crisis. Is profit motive really enough explanation for how hard they have been pushing it?

The only other credible possibility I am aware of is a risk (not confirmed) of fertility reduction, which is also known to be one of Bill Gates' obsessions. I don't think we'll get any answers on that front for decades, if ever.

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