Durham resigns as US attorney; may continue as special counsel for now

Conservative TreehouseAn announcement today from the U.S. District of Connecticut John Durham is a little perplexing. According to the announcement USAO John Durham is resigning from office effective February 28. However, there is no information about his prior appointment as special counsel to review the DOJ and FBI conduct in the Trump investigation.

Durham's resignation as US attorney is part of the normal process (in Democrat administrations) of clearing out political appointees from the other party. How this will affect Durham's role as special counsel for the SpyGate investigation is the real question, but Durham has at this point been pretty much exposed as a paper tiger.

We will just have to see if Durham's special counsel role results in anything, or if he closes up shop.

At this point, I suspect Durham was appointed as special counsel by Barr in order to continue blocking Trump from declassifying the Deep State abuses. Remember, Barr has ties to the first Bush administration -- and so does Stefan Halper, the latter of which engaged in what could well be similar intelligence activities, just without the added FISA wrinkle. (Or for all we know, WITH the added FISA wrinkle).

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