Why we don't put mentally unbalanced people in charge of nukes

Bradley "Chelsea" Manning joined the military, became confused about his gender, released a bunch of highly classified government documents to Wikileaks, went to prison, had a sex change operation, received a pardon, attempted to run for the Senate, and narrowly avoided hitting rock bottom... literally.

This is why we don't put people showing dramatic signs of failure to connect with reality in positions of responsibility. And, yeah, like it or not, being confused about your gender to the point of wanting surgery to "correct" it is not a sign of mental health. The suicide statistics bear this out.

I have a lot of... sympathy is not the right word. A lot of pity for those whose bodies and minds disagree about their own identity. But make no mistake, it is an illness not a sign of how special and unique a snowflake you are, and ... no, I don't want someone with a serious mental illness in charge of a tank, or a fighter aircraft, or a battleship, or serving in Congress.

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