Even if only the police have guns, criminals will still have guns

USA TodayA knife-wielding prison inmate stabbed two female police officers in the Belgian city of Liege, stole their service weapons and shot them and a bystander dead in an attack Tuesday that prosecutors fear could be terror-related.

Well, if you live in Belgium and only the police have guns, surely you are safe from being shot by a prisoner, right? Wrong, apparently. They let the guy out for a weekend, and he somehow got a knife, stabbed two (!) female (!!) police officers (!!!), took their guns (!!!!) and then shot them (!!!!!). He proceed to shoot someone else and take hostages before being killed.

The police say it might be terror related. Or, you know, it could be just a murderous criminal who doesn't need an excuse. It hardly matters at this point.

Even if only the police have guns, criminals will still have guns because they will kill police officers and take their guns. Surprise and a sharp object counts for a lot. Even carrying a gun and staying with friends who carry guns does not mean you are safe.

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