The details on the Dems illegal alien amnesty

UncoverDCBoth the House immigration bill, sponsored by Linda Sanchez (D-CA), and the Senate immigration bill has arrived. Mark Krikorian, Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies, says it will radically change the face of U.S. immigration policy. Senator Menendez (D-NY), who sponsored the Senate version of the bill, spoke by video conference about the bi-cameral bills.

Like their first legislative act, this is all about making sure that the Dems have a permanent national majority. They'll enable fraud, open the borders, and bring in new illegal voters until they get what they want. Their candidate for AG won't even say that crossing the border illegally is illegal.

Funny how Republicans in office never quite manage to push for anything their voters really want. Sure, tax cuts are nice. But what else?

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