HR1 enshrines voter fraud across the land

J Christian AdamsH.R.1 packs into one 791-page bill every bad idea about how to run elections and mandates that the states must adopt -- the very things that made the election of 2020 such a mess. It includes all of the greatest hits of 2020: Mandatory mail ballots, ballots without postmarks, late ballots and voting in precincts where you don't live. It includes so many bad ideas that no publication has satisfactory space to cover all of them. The Senate companion bill, S.1, might be even worse.

The whole point of this legislation is to create a permanent Dem majority by means of permanent fraud. All the tactics they used to fraud Biden into the White House will be permanent fixtures across all national elections. If this passes, there's probably no voting our way out. No one sane should want that.

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