HAMMER/SCORECARD claims likely baseless

Sic Semper TyrannisSome faithful readers of SST were understandably upset when I blew the whistle on Mary Fanning’s fraudulent contribution to Mike Lindell’s latest video, Absolute Proof. I agree with Mr. Lindell that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Mr. Trump. But what Mary Fanning presents as “evidence” is built on a fabrication. It is not real. And actual cyber experts, including Yaacov Apelbaum, can confirm this.

Sharon Rondeau, who runs The Post & Email, just posted a voluminous report further exposing Dennis Montgomery as a fabricator and grifter. If you take time to read her latest investigative work, Hammer Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s Absolute Proof (Part I) and (Part II), you will here Dennis Montgomery admit on tape that HE WAS NOT THE INVENTOR NOR CREATOR OF HAMMER. Montgomery only started pushing the HAMMER nonsense after Edward Snowden revealed the massive scale and scope of NSA snooping on American citizens.

I wrote briefly about HAMMER/SCORECARD before. At the time, I reserved judgement; I found the claims plausible but specific documentary evidence completely absent. While general ideas about voting machine issues were well known and have yet to be investigated, the specific claims about HAMMER/SCORECARD appear to have collapsed, and I think we can now consider them likely false at least with respect to election manipulation under those names.

One yellow flag for me was that everything about HAMMER/SCORECARD seemed to come from Montgomery or people close to him. Montgomery's claims rested basically on his personal credibility which was mixed at best, and the credibility he appropriated by association with others. Most of that credibility came from McInerney initially, and some from Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell. At the time, I noticed that Powell would speak freely about HAMMER/SCORECARD -- but then stopped, and focused instead on Dominion and an alleged whistleblower. Flynn, on the other hand, appeared as a guest on a few podcasts that also had McInerney talking about HAMMER/SCORECARD. But Flynn did not make those claims or even share microphone time with those making them. That seemed odd.

We now appear to have strong evidence that HAMMER/SCORECARD is baseless (part 1, part 2).

This does not necessarily invalidate other claims about vote-switching by machines, particularly after the forensic examination of voting machines in Antrim county turned up notable anomalies. However, the specific claims originating from Montgomery appear discredited.

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