Byrne gives his account of the post-election crisis

Deep CaptureOn New Year’s Day I was in the laboratory of the federally certified forensic document examiner, and one of his colleagues who had driven up from a long way away just to be there. They were quiet, professional, and I left them to their work. After an hour they reported: two of the ballots were printed in one print shop, the other was printed in a different print shop using different paper, different ink, and a different printing method. It being highly unlikely that a county had ordered its ballots from two different print shops, this was indicative that at least one of the ballots was a counterfeit.

Our Man in Georgia had the warehouse in Atlanta under observation. Bums with telephoto lenses were filming. With permission, I put out on Twitter a brief description of what we had found. Hours later, rented Enterprise moving vans pulled up to the warehouse, and pallets of ballots were moved into it.

The next day, a shredding company in a neighboring county got a phone call to pick up an assignment to shred. The truck pulled up, and loaded approximately 3,000 pounds of ballots. It has been confirmed to me that the order was paid for by someone with a credit card from “Dominion Voting”. The shredding truck pulled away. Through a mechanism I will not explain, that shredding truck was intercepted, its work stopped, and ultimately 10,000 pounds of shredded material was dumped out on the floor of a local police station, so there would be a chain-of-evidence. Roughly 3,000 pounds of the shredded material was the ballots (the other 7,000 was from prior customers). The shredding that had been order by the Dominion Voting employee had not been normal shredding (turning things into long strips); it had not been the special shredding (turning the material into confetti); it had been the super-duper military-grade shredding, where the ballots had been shredded then crushed down to spitballs.

An Atlanta DHS agent arrived and took command. A discovery was made: some of the shredded ballots had not been completely shredded. In fact, a few had stuck to the walls of the bin, and were whole. Also found, I was told, were receipts and shipping labels from the outside of the boxes that held the ballots: these receipts and shipping labels were from a Chinese print shop in the south of China. The DHS agent acquired all of these (and he is one with an expertise in matters Chinese, I am told)...

T + 36 hours: The FBI achieved control of the operation. They called the shredding company to come back, and instructed them to pick up the 10,000 pounds of material, complete the shredding, and then continue with their normal procedure: the shredded material would be mixed with water and acid, melted, then reconstituted as recycled paper.

I don't think Byrne's solution, as described here in brief, was really workable. The division of power between federal and state is intended to prevent any one branch of government, and especially the President, from seizing control by force. That would have been doomed to failure had it been tried. But Byrne's account of the people around Trump and the dynamic is valuable, really eye-opening, and depressing to read.

I don't know what the answer to the current entrenched uniparty system is. There may not be an answer, if the electoral systems themselves have been corrupted to the extent alleged.

The lesson to draw from this is that you can't beat a rigged game -- but as we saw in 2016, sometimes you can surprise them.

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