What if...?

Clayton CramerMy wife has asked me why the courts have ignored allegations of voter fraud and why VP Pence decided he lacked authority to prefer elector slates picked by the state legislatures over governor selections, when Art. II, sec. 1 gives the state legislatures plenary authority in this matter. The courts are easy; they have historically been reluctant to interfere in what they consider primarily political questions. But what if NSA (or employees improperly using access) were blackmailing officials like how J. Edgar Hoover used FBI surveillance? There may be no electoral solution.

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I don't think we're in the "What if...?" scenario. We're in the "They are doing it, but we don't know who until their chain gets yanked."

I'm afraid that there is no electoral solution. Elections can be, and will be, frauded. Anyone we elect, including saints, will have past sins that can be exposed or manufactured.

For what it's worth, I don't think Pence needed to be blackmailed. I get the impression he's just not willing to stick his neck out very far. But there are lots of other possibilities, with John Roberts at the top of the list.

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