The frantic panic to censor social media and remove Trump

I have never, ever seen such an insane, coordinated panic among such theoretically independent actors as I have seen following Trump's capital hill demonstration. Following a relatively minor series of trespassing incidents which may credibly be attributed to false-flag operatives, including claims that police literally opened doors to let people inside, we got a mass panic by Congress that conveniently prevented any actual evidence of election fraud from being aired. After a rush to blame all this on Trump, despite Trump calling for peace and for protesters to go home, there were coordinated moves to ban Trump from communicating with his followers directly on every platform in use. Twitter, banned. Facebook, banned. His direct-email provider, banned. Parler, banned from Apple and Google app stores as soon as Trump signed up. Shopify, banned. The man is still President for a few weeks, and they are banning him from basically everything in an obviously coordinated and unjustified fashion. That's censorship, and it just happened here.

And on top of all of that, Pelosi is threatening impeachment when the man has just a few weeks left in office.

What exactly are they afraid of?

The sanest claim I've seen is that if they impeach him (and the Senate convicts), he can't run again. But the 25th Amendment angle wouldn't do anything about that, so it can't be about future elections. There's no way Trump nukes Iran or China on his way out, that's insane, and I don't believe Trump is insane.

But they are clearly afraid of something!

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