"Mostly peaceful" protests

I have little to say about what happened. I wasn't there. I am sure the vast majority of the people who were there were there to protest a stolen election peacefully. Some were not. I am confident that some of the people engaged in the violence were false-flag operators: some sites have identified such individuals, and even interviewed them about it; others identified common tactics such as pre-positioned "construction supplies". Some people were doubtless caught up in the mob mentality of the moment. Some people were legitimately angry patriots.

I don't encourage violence, but after the rampant and continuing censorship of the last year combined with two elections in a row characterized by dramatic and obvious fraud, it's hard to see what else is really left. The soap box has been censored by Big Tech, the ballot box has been stuffed with fraudulent votes. There are a lot of people out there looking at Box #3 and asking for a reasonable alternative to opening it. One of the key advantages of democracy is that you can change the government peacefully and without the bloody mess.

Sure, we can "try again in 2022", but what assurances are there that those elections will be any less rigged? Especially if the Supreme Court now has 15 justices and the Senate has members from DC and Puerto Rico?

We've had a year of relentless riots and looted cities by Antifa and BLM, and now, NOW, they want to condemn violence? And they want to condemn Trump for inciting the violence after banning his speeches on Twitter that called for peaceful protest? And they are already turning, once again, to the 25th Amendment removal claim?

I can read the signs. This is yet another media narrative. A stolen election, with Pence (predictably) declining to act; a protest, some agitated violence, and the media narrative all ready to go about how Trump must be removed immediately and we can't wait another few weeks to have an orderly transfer of power.

At this point, I see almost no possible path for Trump to remain. I think we're kinda screwed there. But, interestingly, I see that the left is still terrified enough that they want Trump out of office right away, and we still have the hanging-fire of the DNI's foreign interference report and Trump's last-minute shuffles.

I don't see a path to victory, but my gut tells me there is still a shoe in the air.

I don't want violence, but I see the political and media and tech systems deliberately closing off all other avenues for political change, and I ask, what is left?

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