Some additional activity on the Seth Rich front

LawflogThe National Security Agency is hiding records about murdered Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich, according to one of my sources, who informed me yesterday that the records are classified as a special access program (the highest level of classification) because they include intercepted communications between Mr. Rich and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Meanwhile, I’ve been authorized to release the transcript of a July 15, 2020 deposition of Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Sy Hersh, wherein Mr. Hersh is forced to admit that he did speak with a senior intelligence official about an FBI report about Mr. Rich and Wikileaks. That contradicts much of what Mr. Hersh has said publicly since early 2017 (more on that below).

I can't help but think that even if all of this comes out, it will come out too late.

I suppose there is one small ray of hope: if Seth Rich was actually murdered as a result of his involvement with Wikileaks, that's going to be a viable criminal charge for decades.

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