The FBI used the Trump dossier at the FISA court

National ReviewIn conclusion, while there is a dearth of evidence to date that the Trump campaign colluded in Russia's cyberespionage attack on the 2016 election, there is abundant evidence that the Obama administration colluded with the Clinton campaign to use the Steele dossier as a vehicle for court-authorized monitoring of the Trump campaign and to fuel a pre-election media narrative that U.S. intelligence agencies believed Trump was scheming with Russia to lift sanctions if he were elected president. Congress should continue pressing for answers, and President Trump should order the Justice Department and FBI to cooperate rather than -- what's the word? -- resist.

There is some pretty solid timeline-based evidence here. As well as the simple, common-sense based implication from all the news that's been leaked and disclosed over the past year. The reason everyone is so desperate to avoid admitting it is that admitting it means admitting to criminal misuse of our national intelligence agencies for political purposes.

Following Hillary's loss in 2016, I would have been content to see her fade off into the sunset and retire from public life. It's not justice, but it's something I would have considered acceptable. But with this #resistance bullshit, and as we have seen more and more details of the attempted election interference by the FBI, DOJ, and intelligence agencies, more and more I think people will need to be prosecuted and thrown in jail to allow us to return to a normal, sane form of government again.

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