Newsweek suddenly starts warning of vaccine side effects...

NewsweekThe potential rare, and long-term side effects of COVID vaccines may emerge—if they do at all—after millions of people are immunized, experts have told Newsweek. However, they stressed the benefits of getting vaccinated against a virus that has killed over 1.4 million people worldwide and is still raging in many countries by far outweighs the risks.

So now the official media are broadcasting very mild and milquetoast warnings about "long-term side effects" of COVID vaccines, while minimizing the risk by comparing it to a disease that -- without vaccination and while ignoring several promising treatment protocols -- has killed significantly less than 1% of the people who catch it, and the vast majority of those within well defined risk groups by age and comorbidities. In other words, roughly the same people the seasonal flu would kill.

That they are suddenly warning of long term side effects that "may emerge" and simultaneously downplaying their severity is more than a little ominous. Combined with more than a few examples of people faking a vaccination shot on tv?

What is it they know is coming that they won't tell us?

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