Philadelphia allows gun carry permits by email

Washington Free BeaconPhiladelphians will now be able to submit gun-carry permit applications over email after legal pressure forced the city to reverse a COVID-related shutdown that created a log jam for residents.

Second Amendment advocates filed lawsuits in state and federal courts after the city delayed applications far beyond the 45-day window required by state law. Spokesmen for Gun Owners of America, which filed the state lawsuit, and the Firearms Policy Coalition, which filed the federal challenge, said the city acted out of fear of losing in both cases. Adam Kraut, FPC's director of legal strategy, said the city likely doesn't want its case to move up the federal docket and risk setting a precedent that could affect how localities handle gun-carry applications. He said the legal landscape changed in the wake of the Supreme Court's November decision to grant emergency relief to churches and synagogues that challenged some of New York's COVID restrictions.

It's interesting that they chose to allow these by email rather than open up an office for in person applications. Are they that afraid of COVID? Liking their paid vacations while "working from home"? Planning to claim that your application was sitting in their spam folder?

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