Will Hunter Biden investigation force Joe Biden to resign?

RedStateA financial investigation done through the grand jury process goes far beyond the single named individual. It extends to everyone that person did business with. The fact that this is being done in Delaware means everyone in Delaware who has a business connection to Hunter Biden is at risk for getting drawn in.

The FBI and IRS criminal investigators who do these types of investigations are exceptionally good at what they do. The combination of this investigation and health considerations will lead to the resignation of Joe Biden from office. Health reasons will be the public explanation, but there is no way for Joe Biden to escape the web of criminal entanglements that Hunter Biden was involved in with the Chinese and others based on the information that became public prior to the election. I’m confident there is much more evidence than what has been seen.

Now that the fact of the investigation is public, when combined with the specific information, documents, and witness statements that were revealed prior to the election — and suppressed by the media — this can’t be made to quietly disappear.

I wouldn't be surprised at all. It would be exactly in line with the plans of the people pulling Joe Biden's strings, with the possible exception of his wife. Everyone else is an old Obama crony, and Obama favored Kamala. (No word on whether Kamala favored Obama in return).

A special counsel is still necessary to make sure the media doesn't make all this disappear again. Just in case.

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