Supporting my conclusion that Page is the informaant

Daily CallerPage told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Halper rolled his eyes during an encounter in late Summer 2016 when a letter that then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid sent to then-FBI Director James Comey was brought up in conversation. Reid accused Page in the letter of possibly being a Russian agent.

Remember, the FBI doesn't need to actually prosecute the person they put surveillance on. All they need to do is convince a court he might be a Russian agent, and then tell him to get in contact with the people (or someone close to the people) they want to listen to. And the FBI has used Page as an informant before. If they don't mention that to the court, they can use his associations with Russians to suggest he should be spied on. And he then becomes a walking wiretap without even the need to wear a physical wire. If you want to listen to someone's phone calls, just have your patsy Page give their secretary a call. The two-hop rule means you can then evesdrop on the principal.

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