A broader conspiracy

American ThinkerAgain, the name is Stefan Halper, who, as I wrote here last week, was paid a substantial sum by the Department of Defense's Office of Net Assessment.

If it was for this work – and it suspiciously looks like it because the payments were made in July and September of 2016 when he was weaseling his way into the campaign – then we know we have the DNI, CIA, DOJ, FBI, Dept. of State and the Defense Department working for Hillary's election and to smear and create a basis for further spying on Trump and his campaign.

That adds the DNI to the list of confirmed agencies involved. And it means that there is going to be a paper trail at the other agencies. How did they justify paying him? What was the work product? Was it accurate, or fraudulent? Who at the CIA (besides, obviously, the person at the top) was involved? Who at the State Department authorized this?

The list of people to question about this just got a lot longer.

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