Vaccines and informed consent

Michelle MalkinPatient rights and bioethics are impossible without truly informed consent. This fundamental concept has vanished from public view faster than paper towels and toilet paper from your grocery shelves. Informed consent matters more than ever because we are entering the most coercive era of medical tyranny in human history.

If the public health-industrial complex gets its way, you may not be able to work, travel, shop or go to school without proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. Who needs government to do the mandating when corporations, airlines and educational institutions will do all the dirty work for Big Brother? The unthinking surrender of our autonomy to global pandemic blackmailers is horrific. Can you really offer voluntary and thorough consent at “warp speed” with a figurative gun to your head?

I generally believe that vaccines are important medical advances that protect both individual and public health, but that they are also matters of personal choice. If you don't want to be vaccinated, for any reason or none, that's pretty much on you. It's a cost-benefit analysis.

Childhood vaccines that offer long-term protection against serious diseases are great. A yearly flu vaccine that offers anywhere from 30%-70% protection against a disease that makes you sick for a few days is silly, unless you are in a particularly high risk category.

With respect to the COVID vaccine specifically... I don't trust it. It was developed so rapidly, with so many medical experts originally saying it was so difficult to vaccinate against that type of virus, that I think it's unusually risky. There are reports people can still spread the disease even after being vaccinated. And the disease it protects against is easily survivable by the vast majority of people who contract it, who will then generate natural immunity.

So I'm going to avoid the COVID vaccine for a while. And I don't like the arrangements that are evidently being put into place to force people to take it.

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